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Last change 24-01-2024

Rear View Mirror

status: not started >> PCB Design >> PCB fabrication >> Component assembly >> Testing

  To run the rear view mirror electronics I'll be using EspressIF Systems ESP32 C3 microcontroller a single core Xtensa LX7 Core Processor running at 160MHz with 400Kb RAM. This MCU has wireless radio capabilities that are disabled on the hardware electronics itself for safety concerns. Instead, the hardware include an extra chip for wireless connectivity with a key fob or a mobile app on a smartphone.

  In regards to safety against theft the electronics will include a cryptographic IC that will be used to match the car owner VIN number and with all other open hardware electronic components installed on a vehicle. In practical terms this means, in the event of theft, to make a specific open hardware work on another vehicle, it will require replacement of the main microcontroller processing unit without the need of specialized tools and equipment. More information about safety and sensor data validation on this sci. research paper titled "Validation of Experimental Data Origins: A Swarm of DAQ devices able to Deliver Unique Experimental Data using Blockchain‐like Fingerprint ID to a Data Repository".

If you like this project and want faster development, prototyping and testing consider a donation or sponsoring the project. Alternatively, one can buy and donate a rear view mirror to help and speed up design of new open hardware electronics, prototype and testing. Send me an email to [email protected] to know more. Include in the subject "open electronics for Volvo p2". Thank you 🙏.

OEM Connectors
  Since all wiring connectors are proprietary of Volvo, is impossible to buy one one connector to solder and do pcb assembly. Nowadays there are a plethora of automotive OEM connectors sold on the internet, what is important is the connector to fit the existing Volvo enclosure housing for a particular electronics.

I've selected an OEM connector for this open rear view mirror electronics being designed and prototyped. This connector is sold on AliExpress here.

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