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Firmware Programming

The open hardware I'll be prototyping will use the ISO 15765-2 ISO-TP protocol.
There's an implementation for Arduino by Heiko Krupp (from Germany) on this GitHub repository. Heiko's implementation required the MCP_CAN_lib from Cory, and available on this repository here. Cory has "a strong passion for electronics that wonders the spectrum from complicated FPGA designs down to blinky LED stuff". This is a fork form Longan Labs available on the repository Arduino_CAN_BUS_MCP2515. Loogan Labs is located in Shenzhen and "provides open source hardware | MCU | CAN Bus dev board | electronic modules | PCS (product customization service)". Magnus Thomé has a really useful ESP32 CAN project, the RejsaCAN a 3x5 centimeter small ESP32 or ESP32-S3 based board aimed at car use that he put together for his own use. The board has an onboard CAN interface and can be powered directly from the car (5-15V). It also includes the option to auto shutdown so not to drain the car battery. Finally CL2 at University of Waterloo has really useful ROS libraries for autonomous driving. All open hardware electronics made available here use Vendor ID Programming. One can read more about it on the previous link above.

Useful libraries

To see a list of other Volvo related open projects click here.

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