Technologies and Technical Challenges - aedimoff/BusyBee GitHub Wiki

ErrantErrands utilizes Google Maps and Google Direction APIs to provide users with optimized routes for completion of a variety of location based tasks.

The application will feature a user friendly interface that allows users to add new errands, favorite previously used tasks and routes, and calculate routes using Google Map view directly within the application. Technical challenges: Setting up backend to compare Google Map data and calculate optimized routes. Optimizing user interface to provide seamless interaction between adding new errands and navigating map views.

Backend: MongoDB/Express

Backend database will store user auth information and user errand and route favorites.

Frontend: React/Node.js

Web application will be presented through a React/Node frontend user interface. The Web app will also provide searching, mapping, and business info capability.

Technical challenges:

  • Reading data from MongoDB database and organizing for display
  • Constructing visualization using various APIs
  • Fetching data to build a better user experience
  • Implementing effective search, maps, and routes