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Debugging Integration Tests

Note: this is quite old now and I haven't had a chance to test if it still works yet.

With Android Studio 

Hot Reload For Flutter Integration Tests 

  • Needed to add --disable-service-auth-codes 

  • Port may need to be 8888 - I had tried using 8889 and was having problems, could have been coincidence that changing to 8888 fixed the problem

My setup that worked: 

with VSCode 

See also Toolchain > IDEs > VSCode

Added a macro using this extension that restarts the app and opens the debug options

"macros": {
       "restartIntegrationTest": [

And a keyboard shortcut that uses the macro 

  "key": "cmd+d",
  "command": "macros.restartIntegrationTest"

This allows me to wait till the restart finishes then hit enter to launch my Driver config - around 2-3 seconds wait vs. 15-20 for flutter driver from command line and more importantly, allows debugging


Flutter Driver currently has no way to interact with UI from plugins (eg. signing in etc.) 

Testing gestures using Flutter driver