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Interesting Examples:

1. Change = (relevant) Issue + PR

If you would like to make a change:

  • create an issue that explains your reasoning
  • assign yourself to the issue
  • when you're ready for review, create a PR and request review by at least one person

WIP Guidelines

2. Respond positively to PR reviews

  • if there was something problematic in what a reviewer said, point out where they are not following the Contribution Guide (or add to the Contribution Guide first)

3. Changes in a PR should all be relevant to solving the associated issue

  • everyone contributing should have the chance to discuss a change in relation to the relevant issue
  • when changes are solving a well described issue it's much easier for reviewers to understand and potentially for collaborative contributions to be discussed
  • references:

PR Rules / Guidelines

For example: How one code review rule turned my team into a dream team | by Elena Flat | Inside League | Medium