Driver Discovery - advancedcontrol/engine GitHub Wiki

Drivers the system can access are represented by database entries. To simplify the creation of these entries available drivers can be scanned for and made available as a searchable list.

You can click scan from the backoffice UI or directly run bundle exec rake discover:drivers


Metadata used to describe the drivers, is defined as part of the driver. For Example:

class Clipsal::CBus
    include ::Orchestrator::Constants
    include ::Orchestrator::Transcoder

    # Discovery Information
    tcp_port 10001
    descriptive_name 'Clipsal CBus Lighting Gateway'
    generic_name :Lighting

    # Communication settings
    tokenize delimiter: "\x0D"
    wait_response false
    delay between_sends: 100

# ... truncated ...

The discovery methods are made available to the driver by the line include ::Orchestrator::Constants Without any discovery methods the driver is listed by its class name.

Discovery Method Descriptions

Function Arguments Description
descriptive_name String Used to describe the driver. This is what will be displayed in backoffice
generic_name Symbol The default generic name value
implements Symbol Defines the driver type, one of :device, :service or :logic
description String A default description for the driver, supports markdown formatting
default_settings Hash Default settings that will be saved as JSON
tcp_port Integer Sets the default port and calls implements :device
udp_port Integer Sets the default port and calls implements :device
uri_base String Expects a URI origin, such as and calls implements :service
makebreak! Indicates that the TCP connection should not be held open