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Config values

Have the following values handy before configuring your IRC client.

  • <host>, the host irslackd is running on, localhost unless you're running it remotely.
  • <port>, the port irslackd is listening on, 6697 by default.
  • <ssl-fingerprint>, the TLS cert fingerprint from step 3 in the README.
  • <xoxp-token>, the Slack API access token from step 5 in the README.

Optional Preferences

The following preferences can be appended to <xoxp-token>. For example, to disable reactions and threads, use <xoxp-token> no-reactions no-threads instead of <xoxp-token>.

  • no-reactions disable reactions
  • no-threads disable threads
  • debug-chan join the debug channel +irslackd at connect time which prints errors
  • typing-notifications send and receive typing notifications via CTCP TYPING messages
  • presence monitor user presence changes using voice/devoice (+v/-v) CHAN MODE messages

Client: WeeChat

/server add irslackd_workspace <host>/<port>
/set irc.server.irslackd_workspace.ssl on
/set irc.server.irslackd_workspace.ssl_fingerprint <ssl-fingerprint>
/set irc.server.irslackd_workspace.password <xoxp-token>
/connect irslackd_workspace

Client: ZNC Bouncer

  • Under the 'Networks' section in user settings, click 'Add'.
  • In 'Servers of this IRC network' enter: <host> +<port> <xoxp-token>
  • In 'Trusted SSL fingerprints of this IRC network' enter: <ssl-fingerprint>
  • Save
  • Connect to ZNC w/your client and enjoy

Client: HexChat

  • Under 'HexCHat' select 'Network List', then 'Add'
  • In 'Servers' area enter <host>/<port>
    • Check (enable) 'Use SSL for all the servers on this network'
    • Check (enable) 'Accept invalid SSL certificates'
  • In 'User name' enter your workspace username
  • For 'Login method' select 'Server Password (/PASS command)'
  • In 'Password' enter your <xoxp-token>
  • Close
  • Connect to irslackd

Client: Textual v7

  • Click the '+' (lower left) to "Add Server"
  • Under 'General'
    • Connection Name: Workspace Name
    • Sever Address: <host>
    • Port: <port>
    • Port: check (enable) 'Connect Securely'
    • Server Password: <xoxp-token>
  • Under 'Identity'
    • Username: enter your workspace username
  • Save
  • Connect to irslackd

xoxc tokens

irslackd has experimental support for xoxc- tokens. These are tokens that are only valid when coupled with auth cookies. The advantage of xoxc- tokens over xoxp- tokens is that they should work even if irslackd is not approved in your Slack workspace. In other words, they should work everywhere.

To use an xoxc- token, configure your IRC client to use this for the password:


Read on to learn how to find these values.

First browse to the target workspace and login. Now load up Chrome DevTools (or equivalent) and click on the Network tab. Look for Slack API requests (XHR), for example conversations.history:

xoxc token and cookie

You will find <xoxc-token> in a request field called token. It should look something like the following:


Next, copy the value of the Cookie request header verbatim. Each of the field values should be URL-encoded. (If you're unfamiliar, there should be some percent signs (%) in the strings.) Avoid using Chrome's "Copy value" function which appears to apply URL-decoding. The situation is similar in Firefox, except the value is also displayed with URL-decoding, so you'll have to manually URL-encode the fields. A web site like may help. The final value should look something like the following:

b=.0xxxx0x0xxxxxxxxxxx0000x0; d-s=0000000000; d=x00xxXXXXX0XxX0xxxxxx%0XxXxXX0XxXxXX%0XxXXX000XXXXXXXx0xx0xx0XxXxxxxx00x0xxxxxxx%0XXXx00XxxxX0xXxXXxxxXXx0xx%0XXXX0xXxXxxxXXx%0XXXXxxX0xxX0xxXxXXXX0X0X%0XXxxX0xxXXxx0XX0XxXx0XXXXx0XxXxXxXxXXxx0Xx%0X; lc=0000000000; x=0xxxx0x0xxxxxxxxxxx0000x0.0000000000

(I have not narrowed down which cookie fields are actually required but it does not seem to hurt to use all of them.)

Now base64 the cookie to get <base64-cookie>:

$ echo -n 'b=.0xxxx0x0xxxxxxxxxxx0000x0; d-s=0000000000; d=x00xxXXXXX0XxX0xxxxxx%0XxXxXX0XxXxXX%0XxXXX000XXXXXXXx0xx0xx0XxXxxxxx00x0xxxxxxx%0XXXx00XxxxX0xXxXXxxxXXx0xx%0XXXX0xXxXxxxXXx%0XXXXxxX0xxX0xxXxXXXX0X0X%0XXxxX0xxXXxx0XX0XxXx0XXXXx0XxXxXxXxXXxx0Xx%0X; lc=0000000000; x=0xxxx0x0xxxxxxxxxxx0000x0.0000000000' | base64 -w0

So the final value of <xoxc-token>|<base64-cookie> is:


Use this value (instead of <xoxp-token>) for the irslackd server password in your IRC client and it should work.

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