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As the script grows, we need some criteria to define what to do or not to do.

I will write some explanation here so anyone can discuss about this if he/she needs some changes.

What kind of sites can be added

So far we have four kind of sites:

  1. image hosting sites
  2. short-link sites
  3. file hosting sites1
  4. text paste sites1

Ads on them should be annoying enough. By annoying I mean:

  • requiring you to wait before it can continue
  • popping windows
  • overlapping some shit above the real content

I'm not an anti-ad crusader, also I'm not a 24/7 programmer. So if I think some sites are not that annoying, I will reject those requests.

Also the site should be a general purpose site, i.e. it is designed to proxy a link or host a image. So a random news site or forum are not covered in this case.

1As per #878, I'll not write code for these sites. Please send pull request.

What should a handler script do

The script must not:

  1. Send user information to 3rd-party server without user's acknowledgment.
  2. Break irrelevant sites.

The script should:

  1. Remove/skip all continue pages or overlay elements if needed and possible.
  2. If the target is single (e.g. just one image or link), directly open the target.
  3. If there are multiple targets (e.g. it's an album or mirror links), leave the page as is.
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