Usage - adriantanasa/github-wiki-sidebar GitHub Wiki

End-to-End Scenario

First time

  • clone your local repository
  • execute init job to customise the order of items and the template of sidebar menu (ex: add a logo)


  • execute the job with default options with automatic promotion to origin repository

Generate custom GitHub wiki sidebar with order and custom template


If installed globally and the npm bin path is in your $PATH variable just call the github-wiki-sidebar from within your local wiki folder:

# this will generate with default options

Executing in tutorial mode (step by step) - allow user to generate sidebar with customized settings:

github-wiki-sidebar --action=tutorial

Executing in init mode (step by step) - allow user to generate an option.json file with customized settings that will be picked up on next execution.

github-wiki-sidebar --action=init

The "git-push" mode is also pushing the updated file to your <project>.wiki repository given you have access to push.

github-wiki-sidebar --git-push
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