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ChordDada is a bass guitar modification that generates chords in the same key as bass notes as they're played. This is controlled by a softpot on the fretboard where the user can select the type of chord they would like matched with each bass note.

Chordada is mounted in place of the G string against the nut of the fretboard, and spans over 5 frets.

How it works (Wishlist)

  • Chordada will either recognize notes from note frequencies coming from the bass guitar or by reading MIDI notes converted by the Sonnus-Bass-to-MIDI Converter converter.
  • As notes are read by Chordada, it outputs chords in the same key as the notes
  • Chord types are selected by the player through a Softpot. Chords are only generated when a new note is played
  • When the player plays the same note repetitively and in staccato, Chordada should sustain the chord without stopping until a new note is played
  • A kill-switch should be added so the player can stop the chords. A footswitch would be nice.

User story

  1. The player plucks a G note on the bass

  2. Chordada (Code compositions) outputs a G major chord (default).

  3. The player then plucks 4 F notes consecutively.

  4. Chordada recognizes the new note played and outputs one F major chord that sustains over the other 3 repetitive notes.

  5. The player plucks a C note and selectes a Major 7th chord from the Softpot. Chordada outputs a C Major 7th chord

  6. The user selects an Augmented chord but does not play a note. Chordada does note output chord but will output an Augmented chord once the player plucks another note Chordada only outputs chords when notes are played.