Working with Eclipse - adoptium/adoptium Wiki

Now that the Adoptium Project is part of the Eclipse Foundation we need to interact with the teams at Eclipse and follow some of their processes. This document is an attempt to collate all of the information regarding working with Eclipse in one place so we know where to raise requests.

A high level list of contacts can be found at

  • Issue with the Eclipse infrastructure (machines/jenkins) - generally you raise an issue at the Eclipse gitlab instance with a label of Servers or ci-jenkins as appropriate (Can typically be done by adding /label ~"Servers" or /label ~"CI-Jenkins" into the description. There is also the webmaster FAQ but if that does not help you you can, as a last resort, email [email protected].
  • For any project related question you can contact the EMO. The EMO's tracking system is at and you can contact them if required via the emo address listed in the contact page above
  • GitHub repository settings such as number of committer reviewers required are not fixed by Eclipse but can be specified by the project and implemented via an Eclipse gitlab request.
  • Access control: Eclipse maintains the access control to the github repositories under - each project has three teams assciated with it - "Contributor", "Committer" and "Project Lead" in increasing level of access, the first two of which approximately map to our "-triage", base and "-core" teams defined in this issue
  • Process for adding new committers/contributors to the project:
    • Note that anyone submitting code to the project must have signed the Eclipse Contributor Agreement. The process for creating an Eclipse account and signing it is described int he eca-sign-off document.
    • For Temurin Compliance ONLY committers are voted upon by the PMC who will then send an email to the EMO, copying the PMC mailing list as a record (and notification to all PMC members in case any were absent for the vote), requesting that the user is added as a committer. This alternative proces is in place because of the necessity to be confident that the user meets the special security requirements of the temnurin compliance project.
    • For all other projects, any current committer can nominate someone else for committer status. If 100% of committers +1 the request then they will be accepted. If at least three votes with no rejections (-1) are in place then the election will end with a positive response one week from nomination. You can nominate via one of the project pages at - log in with your eclipse ID and use the "Nominate a Committer" link on the right of the project page. The most important ones for Adoptium are Adoptium (Top level), Temurin, AQAvit, Temurin Compliance - others can be see in "RELATED PROJECTS" on the adoptium project page. The github repositories associated with each project can be seen on the "Developer Resources" tab on each project page.
    • People who are not yet collaborators can be added as a "Contributor" (Eclipse terminology) which gives the "triage" rights (GitHub terminology) To do this, and collaborator/project leadcan go to the project page -> Edit tab -> Source Code and Issues section -> Add their email to the Contributors section and click Save. Note that the change may not happen immediately as the job that runs to sync up with github runs approximately every two hours. (Full process doc here). It is expected tha most people will be coming a contributor - where they can assign issues etc. - for a while before they are nominated as a committer. No reviews are required for this level of access. Note that the user must have previously logged into for them to show in the drop down on the email field.
  • Each new repository at Eclipse needs a completed CQ (Contribution Questionnaire) which you can fill in via Committer Tools -> Intellectual Property -> Create a Contribution Questionnaire on the project's page. Here is a video showing the prcess. Here is the full Eclipse documentation if you want it, and the process is summarized in this issue which we used when migrating our repositories to the Eclipse Foundation
  • If you want to submit a new piece of news for the Eclipse team to distribute vie their social channels, you can email the news ID in the contact page. This may be useful when people are at conferences etc. The adoptium marketing committee also has access to directly post to the twitter account