Design Goals - adobe/generator-tsx GitHub Wiki


This document serves to outline the general design principles upon which we have based the TSX generator. While it is by no means exhaustive, it aims to summarize the rules by which we've made many of the decisions that have shaped the generator. Some of these rules are subjective, and at times are at odds with each other; reaching the right balance and making the right exceptions is the essence of how successful applications are designed.


  1. All source code files are written in TypeScript.
  2. Easily create a new TypeScript/React project.
  3. Easily create new project files that adhere to paradigms already in place.
  4. Architectural decisions already made and implemented, but not set in stone!
  5. Promote good testing practices.
  6. Consistent coding standards via configuration and linting.
  7. Improve the developer experience as much as possible.


  1. Anything that would require ejecting from the CRA.
  2. Adding any specific branding or business logic. Let's keep it generic!