A2. Learn Target APIs using Postman - adobe-target/serverside GitHub Wiki

In this exercise, we will learn more about the Target APIs using Postman.

Step 1: Import the Postman Collection and Environment

  • Download the postman collection from here
  • Download the postman environment from here
  • Open Postman
  • Import a Postman Collection
    • Click on the Import button on the top left and select the L749_Target_API_Postman.json file
  • Import the Postman Environment
    • Click on the gear icon on the top right. This opens a pop-up titled Manage Environments
    • Click on the Import button and select the L749_Target_API_Postman_Environment.json file
    • Switch to use the lab postman environment

You now have the environment set up for using Target APIs with Postman

Open http://developers.adobetarget.com/api/#introduction in a new tab. This is the Target API documentation and we will reference it during our lab exercise.

Step 2: Working with the Postman Collection

  • Authentication
  • Create Offers and Activity
  • Server Side Delivery
  • Server Side Prefetch - Bonus. Try at your own pace.