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Welcome to the User Manual for Custom Metadata Panel

Focus your attention on critical metadata in this configurable form. Mix and match standard and custom metadata fields to show the properties critical to your business.

The Custom Metadata Panel provides Enterprises and individuals with a way to focus their attention on critical metadata in one panel.

The panel is completely customizable and helps end users and DAM managers tune their metadata view for maximum accuracy and efficiency. With many form field types and available metadata presets, it expands the metadata capabilities of Creative Cloud Desktop applications without using XML or special coding. Form fields include:

  • Text
  • Multiple Text
  • Tags (like Keywords)
  • Dropdown
  • Multi-select Dropdown
  • Date Picker
  • Multi-Date
  • Checkbox and Checkbox Group
  • Switch and Switch Group
  • Radio Buttons
  • AEM Tags (special case just for Adobe Experience Manager)

Other features include a read-only entries, section dividers, a built-in form editor, form definition file import and export, and the ability to use a URL as the location for the form. This last feature is ideal for Enterprise or group applications, where a DAM Manager posts the form to a common location and all users get the latest and greatest.

See the Table of Contents for help with using and configuring the panel.

Exchange link to panel: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.103752.html

Enterprise Admins can include this and other extensions when they create Managed Packages in the Admin Console. Read the Help Documentation here. Search for Custom Metadata Panel during step 7 to include it and other Extensions in your Managed Package.

For Enterprise customers who cannot create Managed Packages to deploy Marketplace extensions, we have made it available as a Release. See the Releases section of this repository to get the latest version.

See a video tour at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IoMGJiEHss

Special thanks to Martin Gersbach for creating a repository of useful config files for common metadata namespaces and properties.