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WIKI Documentation - 16 Jan 2021

REXX Language Implementation Architecture

Project to develop a modern ground up implementation of a REXX interpreter and compiler, and experiments with language improvements. To implement REXX using the best language tools available today, including the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure. These tools will allow a REXX compiler to be produced supporting multiple backends (including 64 bit architectures).

One aspect of the project is to revisit the REXX language - what can be improved? And most importantly how can it be improved while keeping the essence of REXX:

to make programming easier than before

cREXX will be targeted to run on VM/370 (a nod to REXX's heritage) and it will also run on Linux, Windows, OSX, and z/Architecture.

Please see our project aims.

Wiki Based Documentation

This represents the latest thoughts, aims, architecture, designs and details; some of this may have been built, some things may have been built to older designs and some may just be a future wish. This is the place where we are developing the cREXX Architecture.

Key Links:

Release Based Documentation

This is the "As Built" documentation, specific to its release; the current version is available as a website.

The documentation is stored in the code repository branch under the /doc directory as markdown files.