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**# Operating Systems Internet
1960's IBM developed OS360 1957 the Internet began
Unix later developed in the 60's Arpanet created in 1966
Unix was most popular since it was easy to obtain modify and free interface message processor took control of network activity
1970's brought us 8-bit processors which brought Network Control Protocol (NCP)
1981 Xerox introduced Star office information system NCP was then replaced by the more efficient Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
Apple created Guwe, graphical user interface O.S TCP's specefic feature was Verification of the file transfer
Microsoft DOS was market leader In order to avoid congestion files sent were divided into smaller packets and then put back together once received (packet switching)
2000 Xerox stopped creating operating systems in fear of atomic bombing from Cuba a decentralized network had to be made
1983 Apple created Lisa Operating system In need of decentralized network the the french created Cyclades
Lisa was the first graphical user interface buy-able to the general public Cyclades connected to other networks and which the internet was started
1984 system 1.0 developed by Apple Cyclades was used as a transfer node physical layer going into the machine through the hardware
windows 95 was the biggest operating system of the 90's February 20, 1990 Arpenet hardware was removed and the internet was up and running