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(W)avelet (A)daptive (B)lock-(B)ased solver for (I)nteractions with (T)urbulence

Getting Started

Additional information to get WABBIT running on a PC with Fedora or Ubuntu

(For installation of programms use apt in Ubuntu or dnf in Fedora. Search for available programms first using the search option)

  1. Install a fortran compiler (gfortran from gcc).

  2. Install openmpi and its development version (openmpi-dev) or mpich (and mpich-dev) (mpich is only recommended for fedora; in Ubuntu using mpich could lead to some extra work as some programms as e.g. paraview use openmpi by default, and it has to be ensured, that compiling and running wabbit only uses mpich or openmpi but not both).

  3. Install zlib-devel (and zlib).

  4. Install hdf5 as described on the WABBIT mainpage. Note that it is not necessary that make check executes without errors as hdf5 is much more powerfull than necessary for WABBIT and not all of it is needed. BUT check if after executing "make" and "make install" the folder "include" exists and contains the file "h5f.mod" and further .mod files. Do not forget to export the variables as written on the WABBIT mainpage; if you write the commands to your bash, do not forget to reopen your shell. ;)

  5. Install the BLAS and LAPACK library and their development packages (if you install lapack-devel then blas, blas-devel and lapack should be installed automatically).

  6. Clone WABBIT and run "make".

  7. Try to run the tests.

Failing tests could be caused by (a.) memory issues and (b.) if the versions of mpi library are not used correctly. Check on the log-file of one of the failed tests.

  1. Set the memory, WABBIT will use a bit lower than half of your working storage using export memory="--memory=3.0GB" (here for example the working storage is 8GB)

    And have a look at the file main.f90. Comment out the part, where "check redundant nodes" is executed. try again to run the tests... (please remember this change when you get the latest version from github the next time!)

  2. (especially interesting for Ubuntu users) check the versions of mpi used mpif90 –v mpirun --version Both should be mpich. In case the runs are executed by (for example) openmpi you can either remove this programm (remove openmpi-bin and libopenmpi-dev in case these are installed at your system) or somehow tell your system to prefere mpich and not openmpi.
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