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Name Type Description Example
Am:AccessionDate string   02 July 2008
Am:AccessionDateEarliest datetime   2008-07-02T00:00:00.000Z
Am:AccessionDateLatest datetime   2008-07-02T00:00:00.000Z
Am:AccessionNumber string   2008.30.1
Am:Classification uri
Am:ClassificationDocument uri
Am:DateCreated datetime   2008-07-02T00:00:00.000Z
Am:ItemCount string   1
Am:LastModifiedOn datetime   2016-08-30T00:29:24.878Z
Am:MuseumTag string   Adventure
Am:NameTitle uri
Am:OnDisplayFlag string   North west stairs
Am:OtherIdentifier uri
Am:OtherTitle uri
Am:PrimaryRepresentation uri
Am:RecordScore int   70
Am:RefersToDate uri
Am:RefersToEvent uri
Am:RefersToPerson uri
Am:RefersToPlace uri
Am:SubjectCategory string   mountain climbing/recreation
Dc:Description string   Ice axe used by Sir Edmund Hillary on first ascent of Everest, 29 May 1953 markings: Claudius Simond / CHAMONIX MONT BLANC
Dc:Title string   axe, ice
Ecrm:P108iWasProducedBy uri
Ecrm:P138HasRepresentation uri
Ecrm:P1IsIdentifiedBy uri
Ecrm:P24iChangedOwnershipThrough uri
Ecrm:P3HasNote string   This is the ice axe used by Sir Edmund Hillary during his ascent of Everest, in 1953.
Ecrm:P43HasDimension uri
Ecrm:P45ConsistsOf uri
Ecrm:P46iFormsPartOf uri
Ecrm:P50HasCurrentKeeper uri
Ecrm:P51HasCurrentOwner uri
Rdf:Type uri   ecrm:E22_Man-Made_Object
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