2. Writing - adamgreenough/nicholas GitHub Wiki

To create a post without using the optional administrator plugin, simply drop a markdown (.md) file in to the /posts/ directory in the following format.

File name

The file name contains information regarding the date and slug of the post. The date must be in YYYY-MM-DD format. The slug must be unique, not contain spaces and ideally all lowercase. The file should then be saved as DATE_SLUG.md.

For example, a post written on the 30th March 2019 about your cats favourite food might look like 2019-03-30_cats-favourite-food.md.

Front matter

Other post attributes are stored in YAML front matter at the beginning of the file. By default, this supports title (required), tags, excerpt, and image sandwiched in three or more hyphens (---). Only title is required. An example front matter might look like:

title: Cat snacks eat plants
tags: Food, Plants
excerpt: No, you can't close the door, I haven't decided whether or not I wanna go out gate keepers so show belly.
image: https://adgr.dev/cat-pictures/meow.jpg

Tags must be comma separated, you can leave a space after the comma if you prefer.

Post content

After your front matter, your post can be written in Markdown (with Markdown Extra support) or HTML (or a mix of the two!).

Sample posts

Nicholas comes bundled with a handful of sample posts showing off the abilities of the Markdown parser and front matter functionality so please check those for a useful reference.