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QLever Wiki

The goal of the QLever Wiki is to provide information on the following aspects. A few articles are already there, see the navigation on the right. For example, a page describing the basic design principles of QLever. Or a page with instructions for how to use QLever for the complete Wikidata (17 billion triples) or for the complete UniProt data (94 billion triples). We will add more pages in the coming months.

  1. The basic design principles of QLever
  2. How the QLever code is organized (for developers)
  3. Current deviations from the SPARQL 1.1 standard and possible workarounds
  4. Use of QLever for specific scenarios or datasets
  5. Planned developments

If you know C++ and you want to help us developing QLever further (there is still lots of exciting work to do), please let us know!