Instructions for topic curators recurring duties - activate/ActivateHub GitHub Wiki

The below post is ugly. This Google Drive Doc is much easier on the eyes.

But for the GitHub die hard:

**Daily / Weekly Curator Duties ** _(or, you know, whenever you can!)_

  1. Invite Activate to FB events!

b. In theory there should be various FB ghost "people", by topic (ie - Activate313 Eco, ActivateTroit Poverty, etc) please Invite the most appropriate Activate FB account. Inviting Activate will require you to RSVP through your own personal FB account first, then you can “Invite Friends”.

c. Once a week, please log in to your FB Activate account, click on Events, and verify that the events listed there show up on Activate. In theory, every event from a specific FB account will appear in Activate with the appropriate tag. Remember, we only import once every 24 hours, so your events will not appear immediately.

  1. Add Meetup Events to Activate

a. If you stumble across a relevant Meetup event, please add it!

b. In Activate, go to Organizations. Select a relevant organization. If it’s a super active Meetup group, it should have it’s own Organization in Activate, or create one. If it’s just a random good event, there should be a ‘catch-all’ organization, such as “Activate - unaffiliated - Sustainability” or “Activate Public”.

c. On left side bar, select “Import Event or Calendar”

d. Copy and paste the URL of the Meetup event.

e. Give appropriate title (matching the meetup event title) and tags.

  1. Add Event Brite or Plancast Events to Activate

a. Most other event sources will allow you to Add to Google calendar. If you’ve ever used one of those sources, sometimes they’ll send you e-mails with suggested events. These events can be added to the appropriate Google calendar, and show up on Activate.

b. Make sure you are logged in to the appropriate e-mail account, ActivatePdxCal

c. Find a good event? Click on “Add to Calendar.” Select Google calendar option. A Google calendar box should pop up. If there are no event details, please copy and paste original event description into our Google calendar event.

  1. Someone handed you a flier? Came across Event on random website? Either add Directly to ActivateHub (prefered) or on the appropriately themed Google calendar at ActivatePdxCal.

  2. Look at your Topic on ActivateHub!

a. Weekly or more often, sort ActivateHub by your topics of interest.

b. Quickly peruse the list to look for duplicate events. If there are duplicates, see if they look different. Delete whichever seems to have less pertinent info. Report incidence of duplicates (on FB page, for now) including Source Calendar info, so we can deal with it.