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  • Group events w/ multiple organizations, such as open houses, often have the event advertised multiple times. Each organization will advertise the event asking people to come and meet their group; it's not usually a generic announcement.

  • Some events cover multiple venues, either in parallel or sequentially. Sequential events usually indicate a block of time that they will be at venue A and then a second block of time that they will be at venue B.

  • Support for "regions" as a venue. Some venues indicate a specific neighborhood but do not give an exact address unless you RSVP; this is sometimes for privacy reasons. Sometimes that region is just the city, other times it's a specific neighborhood or street.

  • Support for "routes" as a venue. Parades, marches and other activity-style events indicate an initial starting location but it would be nice to let them fill out the information in more detail should they choose to do so; at a minimum, being able to simply identify the venue as not being at a fixed location would be useful.