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Each project is different, but there are a few tools that are almost ubiquitous across our projects and worthwhile setting up early.


  • Create an account on GitHub or add your ACB email address to your existing account
  • Install or update Git
  • Configure name and email address for Git:
    $ git config --global "Jane Doe"
    $ git config --global [email protected]
  • Download and install the latest LTS version of Node.js (includes npm)
  • Install the Heroku CLI and follow the instructions to log in (requires a Heroku account)
  • Install Docker for Mac or Windows (requires a Docker Hub account)
  • Install the sem CLI for Semaphore: curl | bash


  • If you notice Docker taking up a lot of CPU resources after installation, go to Docker → Preferences → Advanced Settings and lower the number of available CPUs to 1.

  • After using Docker for a longer period of time, particularly when rebuilding containers often or switching projects, you may notice a lot of disk space is being used. This is normal and Docker works this way by design. The Docker CLI provides various tools for cleaning up images, containers and volumes such as: docker system prune docker rm docker rmi

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