Branch Process - acmw-uno/acmwsite GitHub Wiki

Never push to the master branch!

NOTE: Make sure to git pull master before branching to make sure you have the latest master branch.


When starting a new task, branch off of master: git checkout -b <task/initials> origin/master. With checkout, you are automatically switched to the newly created branch.

Commit often!


When you are ready to push, the newly created branch needs to be made remote: git push origin <branch name>. Once the branch is pushed up to the remote repo you can just use git push.

Pull Request

Once you complete your task, make a pull request (PR) via GitHub to have your branch merged into master: base master from <your branch name>. A peer will review the request and leave comments for changes if necessary or merge the branch into master.

Never merge your own branch into master!


Once the merge is complete, delete your branch locally and remotely: git push origin --delete <branch name>