Who at ACM supports the journal? - acm-toce/documentation Wiki

The journal and its EiC are supported by the ACM Publications Department staff, including:

  • Journals Manager (currently Laura Lander, new hire TBD), oversees all ACM journals, keeps workflows consistent, offers ACM supports in consultation with the EiC, including journal promotion.
  • Associate Director of Publications (currently Sara Kata Heukerott (mailto:[email protected]), interim journals manager). Sara Kate will assume my duties for the time being, including PACM inquiries.
  • Senior Associate Editor (currently Allison DeVille). Supports Journals Manager.
  • Associate Editor (currently Stacey Schick). Supports Journals Manager.
  • Journal Production Manager (currently Chris Miller of Aptara)
  • Journal Administrator (currently Gita Delsing), who manages Manuscript Central and ensures that issues get sent to production.
  • Information Director (currently Starratt Sheetz), who manages the ACM TOCE website.