Deliverables - aclavenna/338-image Wiki

The following are the items you are expected to deliver for your group project.

For each group:

  1. A presentation at the designated time
  2. A hard copy of any slides or handouts - give them to me at the beginning of your presentation
  3. Electronic copy of any slides or handouts, in the same folder as item 4
  4. Executable (if relevant), source code, and any data objects used; put this in one member's upload folder on trace and tell me where it is

For each person: A document emailed to me specifying: a) What each person contributed to the project b) Percent contribution of each person; total must sum to 100% c) Location on trace of items 3 and 4 d) An assessment of the state of the project - what did you accomplish? what did you not accomplish that you hoped to accomplish? what particular difficulties did you encounter?

Grading formula: group grade * log(contribution)/log(expected contribution)