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Welcome to the DC26 SDN Workshop!

We hope you find this educational, entertaining, and hopefully provide some insight into SDN architecture and security.


First we kindly ask that you abide by the following rules:

  • Don't be an ass
  • That's all

This lab is for your use and disposal. If you want to try something, go ahead! You have full access to the controller, and the docker images that make up the network devices and the attack/defense boxes. However, if you break something going off on your own we will not help you troubleshoot, and we might deploy you a new lab, however you will be assigned a lab consisting of our abusive DNS names that you will have to deal with.

Let's get started!

The following is how the lab architecture is set up:

build env

Navigate to https://jumpbox.rubuscloud.com which will serve as the starting point for all exercises.

You will have been provided a username and two passwords. The first password is for the jumpbox and the sudo password for all the systems you'll SSH into. The second is for your Floodlight SDN Controller dashboard.

The page has links for both the jumpbox and the dashboard as shown below:

Jumpbox Dashboard

Click the SSH link inside the jumpbox

Log in with the provided username and the first of your two passwords at the prompt as shown below:

Guac Login

You'll be presented with a screen similar to the following:

Guac Dash

At no point in the formal portion of the lab will you need to access the controller, but we provided it in case you wanted to poke around. You use the same credentials for sudo as you used for your Guacamole login to access the machines.

Click the "Workstation" connection

Let's move on to the next section!