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SpearmintClient is a light front-end to execute Spearmint locally or on a server and report the summary results on a SpearmintServer.

In order to run spearmint locally (this option is preferred if you plan to run parallel Spearmint Experimient), you need to have a local spearmint installation.


MongoDB <= 3.13.0

Installing Spearmint locally

  1. Make sure that spearmint is not installed sudo pip uninstall spearmint

  2. Install spearmint pip install git+

  3. Install SpearmintClient

pip install git+


To run spearmint algorithm locally, you can specify additional option ‘run_mode’ while creating Experiment, for example:

scientist = SpearmintClient.Experiment(name="branin_tuner",access_token=access_token, run_mode='local') # default run_mode = ‘local’ if not specified

You can find more details about this example here