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The Holojam Node.js module defines a standard for the way low-latency communication occurs between multiple clients, specialized for virtual reality applications on a local network (location-based experiences). This standard is very flexible; developers can perform a wide variety of networked actions and broadcast all sorts of data at high speeds. The module is stable (and in constant use) but still under development.

One of the prominent features offered by the module is its ability to enable rapid deployment and simple maintenance of Holojam networks. Whether a dedicated location or a popup event, setting up a relay and multiple endpoints is easy to do and trivial to modify if needed.

Finally, the module defines/informs the standard protocol and set of conventions required to operate a Holojam endpoint, used throughout the suite of official Holojam services. Once a device is connected using holojam-node's simple hooks, any other device within the Holojam network can reliably understand it and talk back.