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A Site is an administrative sub-domain which can be run without the need for intervention from a system administrator (UserAdmin). A Site is generally associated with one or more Site Managers (SiteAdmin) who can act as an administrator for resources within the site. See the page about Users.

Table of contents

  1. How to create a Site

1. How to create a Site

  • Go to the "Sites" tab.
  • Open the "Create new Site" panel.
  • Fill in the form:
    • Name: Name of the site
    • Description: First line should be a short description, which will be used in the Site table. After that you can add any special note for the users.
    • Active Users: You can use this table in order to add users one by one, and you can decide if the user that you have selected will be a SiteManager or a NormalUser.
    • Projects: You can use this table in order to select the members that belong to a specific project, and you can select more than one project.
    • Locked Users: By default these users are hidden in order to reduce the size of the table containing the active users.

Note: Original author of this document is Natacha Beck

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