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Projects are used to store files and tasks and they facilitate the sharing of files and resources between users. There are four types of projects:

  • System projects: every user on CBRAIN is automatically a member of the system project.
  • Site projects: every member of a site is automatically a member of the site project.
  • User projects: every user is automatically assigned a user project, specified by the user's username.
  • Work projects: A work project can be created by any user. It represents a group created for the purpose of assigning collective permission to resources (as opposed to SystemGroup).

The system, site and user projects are all created automatically by CBRAIN.

Table of contents

  1. How to create a Project
  2. Delete a Project

1. How to create a Project

  • Go to the "Projects" section.
  • Open the "Create project" panel.
  • Fill the form:
    • Name: Name of the project
    • Description: First line should be a short description, which will be used in the project index table. After that you can add any special note for the user.
    • Site: The projects can be associated with a specific site.
    • Invisible: A project can be made invisible to a NormalUser. This type of project is used to share some resource, for example, an Execution Server or Data Provider.
    • Active users: This table can be used to add users one by one.
    • Locked users: By default these users are hidden in order to reduce the size of the table containing the active users.
    • Quick select based on other * Projects: [PLEASE CLARIFY].
  • Click on "Create".

2. Delete a project

All Userfile, RemoteResource and DataProvider associated with the group being destroyed will have their group set to their owner's SystemGroup.

Note: Original author of this document is Natacha Beck

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