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Accord Project (AP) is Linux Foundation’s open source project for smart legal contracts.

AP has three main bodies:

  1. a Governing Board (GB) that is responsible for executive functions such as marketing, budget and other business oversight decisions for AP,
  2. a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) that is responsible for defining and maintaining the technical vision, and
  3. an End User Community (EUC) that is responsible for providing feedback from companies and startups to help improve the overall experience for the AP ecosystem. Each of these groups has its own defining role in AP.

The TSC responsibilities and operations are defined in the Technical Charter. The TSC is intended to be a resource of technical architects in the community that both guides the direction of AP and acts as a resource to working groups. Their role is also to help define what new working groups are accepted to AP.

Current TSC Members (2020-2021):

  • Dr. Antonis Papatsaras - info
  • Jerome Simeon - info
  • Jolene Langlinais - info
  • Martin Halford (Chair) - info
  • Niall Roche - info
  • Thomas M. Brooke -info
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