Data Sources: Missouri Ethics Commission - access-missouri/am-django-project Wiki

MEC data is pulled in through command line importers which work out of ~/mec/ on your personal computer. Most of the importers use CSV files from the MEC CSV Export Tool. The import tools work on the same update/create model as bill and person import tools used elsewhere in Access Missouri, so you should be able to import files multiple times and not get duplicates.

These scripts are checking for at least three separate rows on two different tables for each entry, and for ~100,000 row CSV files, this will take a very, very long time. This is the kind of operation that can't simply be done on a whim, and you'll need to plan for the computer handling this import task to be more or less out of commission for 12+ hours per year-length file.

Available MEC Import Commands

  • import_mec_cd1a_csv - Imports CD1A filing CSVs from the root of ~/mec/.
  • import_mec_cd3c_csv - Imports CD3C filing CSVs from one level deeper in the folder structure - ~/mec/cd3_c/.