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About the project

This project was initially developed to address the needs of one specific school, however, the project was published as open-source with the hope that others might use it. Please feel free to try it or to request a demo to see if it could match with your expectations.

The initial developer is still actively maintaining the code and fixing bugs on his spare time, however, the project would greatly benefit from new contributors. Contributing to this project is also a great way to train your developer skills.

If you are interested, please feel free to have a look at the issues labeled as up-for-grabs and/or good-first-issue

You may post a comment if you'd like to receive some guidance to fix them! When your PR is merged, you will be credited on the first page of this repository.

In the current stage of the project, an excellent way to contribute and level up your skills is by writing tests. Many of them are incomplete and are listed throughout the issues labeled with "testing". Writing tests forces you to understand the code in-depth and helps you acquire an essential skill for any future project :)

Development Roadmap

The next development efforts are organized using issues and milestones:

The first efforts should probably aim at testing, refactoring, reorganizing and improving what already exists. The documentation (user and technical) is also a work-in-progress. There are many TODOs left in the code and we have a long list of issues pointing at serious needs for improvement across the code.

This being said, I would also consider PRs to add new features if this is what motivates you to contribute :)