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##Async Async is a utility module which provides straight-forward, powerful functions for working with asynchronous JavaScript

This will be useful when we need to read, for example, all comments to an image. There should be one file per comment and we want to read them in parallel.

##ATOM/XML Library library that parses json objects to XML. Use it for XML and ATOM

library that parses xml to javascript objects

Creating an ATOM feed easily with node-genx and Node.js. Vladimir: For now I won't us it

##Designing RESTful URLs

Picasa Web Albums Data API - YouTube Video

... please watch the video. There is a number of interesting leads that we can use in designing our service

Picasa Web Albums Data API - Developer's Guide

... and go through the guide as well; at least section 6 (working with photos)

##Hypermedia Representation

Collection+JSON example

The ATOM Syndication format

The Atom Publishing Protocol

ATOM for Node.js - can't install, don't use it

##Usable HTTP Status Codes

List of codes

Node Docs & APIs

Express API

Node API

Beginner's tutorial to Node.js

Express tutorial

File Uploads Tutorial

Very useful collection of node modules by categories