Define a new Format - ac2cz/FoxTelem Wiki

Procedure to define a new format for FoxTelem

FoxTelem decodes fixed length frames that are encoded with Reed Solomon Forward Error correction. It has to know in advance how long a frame is before it can be decoded. It also needs to know how to find the FoxId. The other details of the frame layout are then defined in the Spacecraft File.

Format files have the extension .format and are stored in the spacecraft directory. As of version 1.09e the available formats are hard coded into FoxTelem and are selectable from the Input Tab. In future we will make all .format files in the spacecraft folder automatically available for selection.

The .format file is a Java Properties File. Each row contains a key and value.

It has the following rows:

Key Value Description
name String
mode String
bps Integer Number of bits per second
frame_length Integer
data_length Integer
header_length Integer
header_layout_file String
trailer_length Integer
word_length Integer
sync_word_length Integer
rs_words Integer
rs_padding CSV list of Integers