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DexFit Info

DexFit shows how to get blood glucose levels on a Fitbit (Ionic or Versa) watch face.

  • You can use the instructions here to set up the watch face for your own watch.
  • The entire project was inspired by the DexChrome browser extension published by Jeremy Grieshop. Thank you!
  • The visuals of the clock face are intentionally as basic as possible. This project is intended to showcase the capabilities built into the companion, to fetch the blood glucose levels and send them to the watch, rather than the visual capabilities of the watch.
  • For me, the units are mg/dl. I'm guessing that depends on what you have your CGM system set to, but have not looked into it.
  • The URL for getting CGM values is the US one. An international counterpart may be available.

DexFit must not be used to make medical decisions.

By using DexFit, you agree to the user agreement.