Commonly Asked Questions - abueide/harry-plotter GitHub Wiki

What settings do I use?

Check out the optimization guide here

Why doesn't it show percentages? It shows "?%" instead.

Currently harry plotter calculates percentage complete based on the average plot time for that job. This means until that job has at least 1 plot done it doesn't have an average time to calculate the percentage. In the future it is planned to improve this to take into account the plot's current progress as well, but I thought this would be better than nothing for now.

Why are there more plots in phase 1 than what I set?

Manually started jobs with the "start" button are not taken into account when the stagger manager decides whether to start a job or not. You'll have to click stop on that job for it to be managed by the stagger manager.

Why did my plots stop before they were finished?

It probably had an error. Usually it's a bad allocation error from chia. You can figure out what the error was by checking the failed logs folder. If its a bad ram allocation, check out this article

Where is the logs folder?

You can find it in the .harryplotter/plotlogs/ folder of your user directory.

It says failed to launch jvm when harry plotter starts up

This usually is fixed by backing up & deleting the .harryplotter/ folder. You will lose all your plot job & drive configurations.

Why is it using so much CPU/RAM?

Try deleting your logs folder.