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#Authentification ##Login into your own account The usual authentification goes through an existing account using the user's email as login.

To authenticate against our API you need to create an API-Key. We feel that that is the easiest way for our users to access the account. The API-interaction remains stateless between requests, so sessions don't need to be saved. In case you want to use our API please drop us a message at [email protected]. We will create an API key for you.

##Loging in (not live yet) In order to use the API, you won't have to create new accounts. In order to unlock API functionality a user with administration rights needs to go into the settings for the and create an API-Key. One user can create multiple API Keys and declare different rights and names to each. That way you can maintain better overview of the different Keys and it's easier to clearly seperate the different use cases for each API-Key.