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Properties in Propylean package is a helper class which define value and unit of physical and chemical property. As many properties are assiciated with unit and unit can be of any system, Propylean allow users to use any available unit. We recommend to use SI system for better results. All the available properties can be used as generalized by below example:

from propylean import properties as prop
some_property = prop.SomeProperty(Value, Unit)
# Change value of some_property
some_property.value = some_other_value_as_float_or_int
# Change unit of some_property
some_property.unit = "some_other_unit_as_string"

# Create Pressure property
pump_inlet_pressure = prop.Pressure(10, "bar")

All properties have following members that can be assigned in the constructor or as class property.


Integer of float value taken by the property.


Minimum integer of float value taken by the property.


Maximum integer of float value taken by the property.


Unit taken by the property. Dimensionless properties do not support unit. Type: string


Time series value associated with the property for analysis. Type: Pandas Series, Pandas DataFrame, or dict


Supported units are:

  1. m for meters
  2. mm for millimeters
  3. km for Kilometers
  4. cm for centimeters
  5. inch
  6. mile
  7. yard
  8. foot


Supported units are:

  1. s for seconds
  2. min for minutes
  3. hour
  4. day
  5. week
  6. month
  7. year


Supported units are:

  1. Pa for Pascals
  2. m water for meters of water column
  3. in water for inches of water column
  4. mm Hg for millimeters of Mercury
  5. Torr
  6. ata
  7. kg/cm^2 for kilogram per square centimeter
  8. MPa for Mega Pascal
  9. kPa for Kilo Pascal
  10. psi for Pound per square inch
  11. bar
  12. atm for Atmospheres


Supported units are:

  1. K for Kelvin
  2. C for Degrees Celsius
  3. F for Degree Fahrenheit
  4. R for Degree Rankine


Supported units are:

  1. kg/s for kilogram per seconds
  2. kg/min for kilogram per minutes
  3. kg/h for kilogram per hour
  4. kg/d for kilogram per day
  5. g/s for gram per second
  6. lb/s for pound per second
  7. lb/min for pound per minutes
  8. lb/h for pound per hour
  9. lb/d for pound per day
  10. ton/d for metric ton per day
  11. ton/h for metric ton per hour


Supported units are:

  1. g/mol for gram per mol
  2. kg/mol for kilogram per mol


Supported units are:

  1. mol/s for moles per seconds
  2. mol/min for moles per minutes
  3. mol/h for moles per hour
  4. mol/d for moles per day
  5. lbmol/s for poundmole per second
  6. lbmol/min for poundmole per minute
  7. lbmol/d for poundmole per day
  8. kmol/h for kilomole per hour
  9. kmol/d for kilomole per day


Supported units are:

  1. m^3/s for cubic meter per second
  2. ft^3/s for cubic feet per second
  3. cm^3/s for cubic centimeter per second
  4. m^3/min for cubic meter per minute
  5. m^3/h for cubic meter per hour
  6. m^3/d for cubic meter per day,
  7. ft^3/min for cubic feet per minute,
  8. ft^3/h for cubic feet per hour
  9. ft^3/d for cubic feet per day
  10. gal/s for US Gallons per second
  11. gal/min for US Gallon per minute
  12. gal/h for US Gallon per hour
  13. gal/d for US Gallin per day
  14. lit/s for Liters per second
  15. lit/min for Liters per minute
  16. lit/h for Liters per hour
  17. lit/d for Liters per day


Supported units are:

  1. kg/m^3 for kilograms per cubic meter
  2. g/cm^3 for grams per per cubic centimeter
  3. lbm/ft^3 for pound mass per cubic feet

DViscosity(for dynamic viscosity)

Supported units are:

  1. Pa-s for Pascal second
  2. cP for centipoise
  3. lb/(ft-s) for pound mass per cubic feet


Supported units are:

  1. W for Watts
  2. BTU/h for British Termal Units per hour
  3. BTU/min for Brititsh Termal Units per minutes
  4. BTU/s for British Termal Units per second
  5. cal/h for calories per hour
  6. cal/s for calories per second
  7. erg/h for ergs per hour
  8. erg/min for ergs per minutes
  9. erg/s for ergs per second
  10. hp for Horse Power
  11. MMBTU/h for Million Metric BTU/h
  12. MMBTU/min
  13. MMBTU/s
  14. kW for kilo watts
  15. MW for mega watts
  16. GW for giga watts
  17. TW for tera watts
  18. kWh/d for kilo watt hours per day
  19. MWh/d for Mega watt hours per day
  20. GWh/d for Giga watt hour per day
  21. TWh/d for Tera watt hour per day


Supported units are:

  1. Hz for Hertz(cycle per second)
  2. /min for cylce per minute
  3. /hour for cycle per hour


Components of a mixture of material. fractions: The fractional quantity a chemical component has in the mixture. To be specified as dictionary where key is the component in string and value is fraction of that component in float. Type: Dictionary type: The type of fractional quantity in "fractions". Types include "mass", "volumne" and "molar".


Dimensionless property which has no unit associated. name: Name of the dimensionless property. For e.g. "Reynolds Number"


Efficiency as a fractional value without dimension.