2022 09 22 - aasiyahrashan/PhD-Aasiyah Wiki

Actions from last time

  • Aasiyah to share TC slides
  • Abi to review OMOP proposal
  • Abi and Steve to review TC proposal.

Proposed plan for CCAA/CC-HIC/UCLH collaboration

  • Create a working group to build an OMOP/ICU research database pipeline within UCLH.
  • Will create CDM database, implement Khan checks, etc.
  • Will include Leilei + TR + maybe Chris from the HDR end. Plus Abi.
  • Will also include a data scientist hired from the UCLH end + a data scientist from the SL end.
  • We try to get job descriptions out for the UCLH end, and I do interviews from the CCAA end.
  • We will hopefully test the end product out on my trache question.