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Project builds with make command. make ships with GNUSH tools but you can use GNU make that comes with your system.

Type make or make help to see brief help:

make all        - Build all CAL IDs. Specify DOPATCH=-yes to patch your ROM.
make analyze    - Do static analysis with PVS-Studio, must be installed.
                  Specify CALID=CALID.
make analyze-clean - Delete files needed for static analysis
make CALID      - Specify CALID to build only that target,
                  for example 'make A8DK100P' will build
                  files only for A8DK100P. Specify DOPATCH=-yes to patch your ROM.
make clean      - Clean build directory.
make help       - This message.
make list       - List for possible CAL IDs.
make tests      - Test build for emulator testing only.
                  Specify CALID=CALID for building CALID or CALID=all for build all ROMs.

To override any var including target specific vars set in Makefile set the var in command line, like


make determines if it runs on Windows by examining OS shell variable. Then it sets internal variables. List of all possible CAL Ids to build is based on include\target\*.h file list. If CAL Id specified i.e. make A2WC420F, it builds only for that CAL Id. If all specified i.e. make all it builds for every CAL Id.

make tests defines debug symbol and then builds.

During build, all intermediate files are placed into build directory.

Symbols, variables and other settings specific to each Cal Id, contain in corresponding header file include\target\*.h. This header is included in every source file by -include GCC parameter at compile time (that's why unused static constants may appear). All src\*.c files compile and then link into one file named 2Boost-CALID.out aligned at entry point. Entry point takes from corresponding include\target\CALID.txt file.

Then all unneeded strips and file converts to true binary named CALID.bin ready to patch.

Original ROM file copies from ROM directory (can be changed by setting orig-rom variable) to build directory and renames to CALID-patched.bin.

By default, no patching is done and this is indicated by word 'simulating' in command output:

Patching ROM...
copy .\ROM\A2WC420F.bin .\build\A2WC420F-patched.bin
Files copied:         1.
sfkx64 -verbose partcopy .\build\2Boost-A2WC420F.bin -allfrom 0 .\build\A2WC420F-patched.bin  0x0007C000
mapping copy length  : 6780 = 6780 - 0
copying 6780 bytes, from input offset 0 to 6780, to target offset 507904
[add -yes to really copy data.]

To patch ROM set DOPATCH=-yes. Example:


Optimization (2Boost ver 3 and later)

Optimization enabled on globally by adding -O flag in CFLAGS variable. This is done to optimize out unused static constants, but this has side effect of reordering variables and functions. To eliminate this, top level reorder disabled globally by adding -fno-toplevel-reorder compiler option to CFLAGS variable as only few CALIDs have unused static constants. CAL Ids list that have unused static constatnts is contained in TOP_LEVEL_REORDER_TARGET_LIST Makefile variable and is compiled with -ftoplevel-reorder compiler option.

Useful variables


Path to GNUSH tools dir. Override it when path is incorrectly detected. Setting WINDOWS variable may also help.


What CAL ID to build. Needed only when you build analyze and tests targets. Example:

make tests CALID=A2WC420F


Controls if ROM will be actually patched. Empty by default, so no patching is done by default. This var passed to sfk command. To patch ROM set it to -yes:

make A2WC420F DOPATCH=-yes


Path to ROM that will be copied to build dir and patched. If you whant to use ROM that is not located in .\ROM dir, set this variable:

make A2WC420F orig-rom=C:\temp\read-image.bin

Do not set orig-rom when building all targets.


CAL Ids list that will be compiled with -ftoplevel-reorder compiler option.


User specified compiler flags. Empty by default. Useful to define symbols without modifying code. Example:



Indicates that this is Windows system or not. Equals 1 if Windows, all other values including empty if non-Windows (assuming *nix). Autodetected, but can be overridden. This is useful for environments like Cygwin where OS can not be correctly detected.

Symbols that affect programm behavior


When BUILD_TESTS symbol is defined, tests are compiled. Define it if you want analyze your tests when running make analyze command:


If you run make tests, this symbol is defined automatically.

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