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Spawning and taming

Spider monkeys are uncommon spawns in deep rainforest (black-handed, red-faced), wet rainforest, and tropical alpine (white-bellied) biomes. They always spawn in groups of 3. Male and females are equally likely to spawn, and are not sexually dimorphic.

The spider monkey is a fast, neutral animal, meaning they are aware of the player, but generally unbothered by their presence unless their young are attacked.

Spider monkeys can be tamed with omnivore kibble.


Spider monkeys have 6 hearts (12 points) of health, can deal 1 heart (2 points) of damage, and drop small meat upon death.

Spider monkeys are small animals with modest food needs. They eat a frugivore diet, consisting of fruit, seeds and grain.

Spider monkeys can use the scented ball, rope, vine, tire swing, hanging browse, puzzle feeder, apple ice treat, and climbing post enrichment items.

Spider monkeys are a high fertility species, and can be bred with a melon block. As small-sized animals they have a gestation time of 40000 ticks, and give birth to 1 infant that will take 3 1/3 minecraft days to reach adulthood.


There are four species of spider monkey represented in ZAWA Evolved: black-headed spider monkey, red-faced spider monkey, brown spider monkey, and white-bellied spider monkey.

Black-headed Red-faced Brown White-bellied

Variant images by discord user Gianluca Zanna#0063

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