Fed Priority - YakDriver/fardvag Wiki


  1. Tags #22532
  2. Allow support similar to AWS_USE_FIPS_ENDPOINT to avoid having to include an endpoints map
  3. Fix assume_role failure when using FIPS endpoint for STS and regions other than us-east-1 #20824
  4. Volume tags not honoring ignore_tags #17643
  5. Add Audit Manager Support Issue #17981
  6. [Verify fixed] Fix RAM, RAM-FIPS endpoints Asana #59756
  7. [Verify fixed] S3 Object Lock not available on ISO (already fixed but #22575 makes sure)
  8. [Verify fixed] Subnet AZ ID doesn't exist on ISO, can only use name #22580
  9. [Verify fixed] Flow log correctly setting log_destination_type (default value) Line of code
  10. [Verify fixed] Default route table propagation Line of code