Hacktoberfest 2022 - WoWAnalyzer/WoWAnalyzer Wiki

Migrating an Existing Spec

If you already know TypeScript/React, then the place to start would be to get set up for development and then to dive headfirst into enabling your spec for Dragonflight.

This is a relatively large task, and it is okay to split the work up into multiple PRs. (If it is all in one, it will likely have 1,000-2,000 lines of changes!)

Once the spec has been enabled on the beta site, you can begin working on adding new analysis. You can check out this doc for details about the overall structure of analysis.

Adding to a Supported Spec

If you are interested in helping with a spec that is already supported, you should check who the current maintainer is on the beta site and contact them on Discord to see what they're working on and what they could use help with.

Working on a Shadowlands Spec

Shadowlands support is currently in maintenance mode, so we're avoiding adding new analysis or features to it. If you want to fix a bug, you can submit a pull request against the shadowlands branch. Before doing so, please ask about the change on Discord! We are heavily focused on Dragonflight at this time, so Shadowlands PRs are very low priority for maintainers.