Sprint Report: Week 5 - Wislamp/Rent-Ride GitHub Wiki


This sprint, our team made significant strides in developing Rent Ride. We focused on technical enhancements, optimizing performance by switching to minified Bootstrap files and integrating image links into the brand section. Additionally, we replaced dummy text across the application with meaningful content to improve user engagement. Feature development progressed with the implementation of initial layouts for the car details section and the design of the booking and User Info Page, prioritizing user-friendly interfaces. Technical refinements, including temporary database refactoring and home page styling fixes, were also undertaken to ensure smoother functionality. Collaboration remained strong, with team members providing support in design tasks and UI image selection. Challenges were openly discussed, allowing for effective problem-solving and maintaining our development momentum. Overall, our team's efforts bring us closer to our goal of delivering a top-notch web car rental experience.


  1. Ask your teammates to share what they completed, with links to the artifacts.
  2. Ask your teammates to share any blockers or challenges they faced or are facing.

The sprint report is a group submission, but one member of your team will write it each week.

Author: [Solomon Alan-Dei]

What did your team accomplish this week?

Write a one-sentence summary of each task completed. Included a link to the artifact (project task and commit) for each task that was completed. You can link to a github commit, a figma file, a google doc, a youtube video, or the most relevant url for the task.

Who Link(s) Task Description
Wilhelmina Asante https://shorturl.at/lmz47 Changed bootstrap files to minified versions.
https://shorturl.at/pMRT6 Added image links to brand section.
https://shorturl.at/bdQTW Replaced dummy text in "why choose us" section.
https://shorturl.at/aknuS Replaced all dummy texts.
Solomon Alan-Dei https://shorturl.at/vDNVW Initial build and page layout for car details.
https://rb.gy/wbgqma Refactor db and app init.
https://rb.gy/pw9dg8 Fix home page styling - spacing and layout.
https://rb.gy/1bf9bw Fix nagivation links.
Wisdom Dzeagu And https://rb.gy/0q3n3y They designed the section for car details and the form for taking user data pages.
Sarpey Binda

What challenges did your team face?

Getting the right sizes for the car images. What challenges did your team face? What are you or your teammates blocked on?

  • We are blocked on getting the right images to serve the rightful purpose.

What is your plan for next week?

  • We are going to build the forms page and link everything to the database.

What tasks will your team complete? What features will your team build?

  • [Solomon Alan-Dei] The task I’m going to work on: Build the user data page and complete the renting process.
  • [Solomon Alan-Dei] Booking Form
  • [Wilhelmina Asante] Complete the Readme.md file and modify codes where needed.
  • [Sarpey Binda] Design the full car listing page where users can search and filter the cars they want.
  • [Wisdom Dzeagu] Work on getting the images and car details needed to seed the database.

Any other notes or observations from this week?