Keybinds - Windower/packages Wiki


/bind <keys> <command>

Creates a new bind of <keys> with the given <command>. Each key in <keys> must be bridged with a +. <command> is one as normally written. Both allow for spacing and do not require quotation.

/unbind <keys>

Deletes an existing keybind of <keys>.


Will list all the current binds.

Key Syntax

Modifier keys are no longer identified by the symbols used in v4. These are Control, Alt, Windows, Apps.

Complete Key Map

This page includes the names for <keys> of all supported languages.

Example Usage

/bind ctrl+alt+f1 /echo ding~

Assigns the key combination ctrl+alt+f1 to send the input /echo ding~

/unbind ctrl+alt+f1

Deletes the keybind combination ctrl+alt+f1.