Known Issues - Wildlander-mod/Support Wiki

This document will contain all of the known gameplay related issues. It excludes any graphical issues, EG Clipping textures. This document is updated as issues are verified/reproduced by staff or reported by multiple people. If you would like to see the entire list to date, you can use this Spreadsheet

When will these be fixed?

Depending on the severity - some maybe hotfixed immidiatly, other will wait til next major release.

Getting asked to restart for the economy on a new game. DiD players - please read.

This isn't a bug with the list. Skyrim does not handle you playing one character, returning to the menu and starting a second. This is because skyrim doesn't unload all of the previous games scripts and can cause severe issues with your new playthrough (hotkeys not working, broken economy, merchants with no gold, or even your character leveling up when they shouldn't be).

Everytime you want to start a new character, you should be closing and reopening skyrim in its entirety.

Please DO NOT report bugs relating to this topic as its a flaw with skyrim itself. There is nothing we can do to make this work!

M/O 2 issues

  1. Reporting files in the overwrite - these are your crash logs
  2. All the Npc overhauls are disabled - They are supposed to be - they are for Dylan's use only - Hence "DEV RESOURCES" label.
  3. There are mods with Red X's - these are merged into the wildlander ESP - its perfectly normal
  4. Mod XXX is out of date - Perfectly normal for modlists to have older versions of mods, Some mods update several times a month and the list wont ever be able to keep up.

Lighting issues

Lights are flickering on and off

Most noticeable in Breezehome's basement and entrance to riverwood but can happen everywhere.

This is caused by Skyrim's engine limitation of 4 light sources in a 30ft radius of the player. When you move the cameria in a area with more than 4 light sources they alternate/cycle and turn on and off. This includes your torches and/or lantern.

There is nothing we can do to correct this, bug reports on this topic will be deleted.

Gameplay Issues

  • Bookshelves can be used to duplicate items placed upon them
  • Waking nightmare - when on step release the miasma - And your pretending to be casimir - you can see your player's body in front of camera. the effect only lasts for the duration of this step - and can be safely ignored.
  • Using controller to lockpick will lock the camera unless the user alt-tabs afterwards.
  • Reports that crossbows wont fire, just infinatly reload - Under investigation.

Using controller to lockpick will lock the camera Wordaround: Alt-tabbing back to windows seems to fix this issue.

Using soap from your inventory in first person with clothing on detaches the camera's movement from your body and requires loading an older save. Workaround: Switch to third person before using soap

The Companions

You need to do 5 Radient quests between each quest.

Thieves Guild

Quest XYZ isnt starting

You need to do Radient quests before the next quest will start - these settings can be seen in the MCM

A Chance Arrangement completes, but Taking Care of Business does not start.

This has occured rarely from some players since vanilla and is unrelated to wildlander itself.

 Approach Brynjolf close enough to talk to him. Open the console, and click on Brynjolf. 

 Type in:     ResetAI

 hit the enter key, close the console. That _may_ reset Brynjolf and allow him to give you the next quest.

If that doesn't work? Open the console again.

 Type in:   SetStage TG01 10

 hit the enter key, close the console. That should set the first stage to meet him at the Ragged Flagon.

Mod Issues.

Outlaw Refuges.

  • The stores contain static items which can't be stolen
  • Several beds have owned markers
  • Several objects (e.g. training dummies) are not interactable and should be


If bathing in very cold water, it can kill you before the animation finishes.

Work around: don't take a bath in cold water ;)

Improved Camera

  • Camera can go wonky opening the Tab Menu whilst on horse back. (rarely happens)
  • Waking nightmare - when on step release the miasma - And your pretending to be casimir - you can see your player's body in front of camera. the effect only lasts for the duration of this step - and can be safely ignored.

When I equip my Backpack I get a pouch/book/holder/carpet appearing at my feet

You can possibly solve it by either dropping and buying a new item OR by dropping your item and using console commands help "item" and Player.Additem 1

Crossbow Infinatly reloads

using ReSaver from FallrimTools:
Loaded the savegame > search for hzNECRAliasScript
Delete Everything using the right click menu.


Immersion issues


  1. Several NPC's are sleeping in unrealistic places. (e.g. Orphans are found sleeping on the ground, in Windhelm in the middle of a snowstorm not near a fire)
  2. Some vendors don't show a inventory/show limited inventory when you open them for the first time.
  3. Wylandriah doesn't train Enchanting until after her quest
  4. Some NPC's like idling inside of bushes or sitting on invisible chairs.
  5. Milking a cow doesn't require a empty bottle and should.
  6. There is a stubborn pig in windhelm which likes being in the way
  7. Dawnstar carriage driver apparently thinks that standing inside his carriage, instead of sitting on the seat is a great place to stand (his horse is disconnected too)
  8. Hemming Blackbriar is wearing a Kadjiit Mask :)

Objects / Buildings

  1. Several wells are missing bucket activators
  2. Imperial Alehouse in Solitude is locked
  3. Several Barrels, Chests, Woodpiles and Herbs don't have ownership and should
  4. Training Dummies outside Whiterun (on the battlements) cannot be interacted with
  5. Aela's shield can be purchased before joining the companions and Vilkas's sword can be sold.


  1. Insect noise is overly loud.
  2. Some interiors have ghost children playing sound effect.
  3. Female Hungry/thirsty/sleep sounds play occasionally on male characters who have been gender switched


  1. Delphine cannot accept followers to join the blades - Current work around is to console skip the quest setstage FreeformSkyhavenTempleA 40

Civil war

  • It exists.
  • Its full of vanilla bugs.
  • Several immersion breaking issues during battle for Whiterun (Vendors in market are trying to make a living, The carriage driver be vibing as explosions happen all around him)
  • Lights within Korvanjund Hall beyond the sealed door are lit (should be dark)

If you are having a issue for a civil war quest - please check - there maybe a work around here.

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