Modules - Vepnar/BetterMobs Wiki

Modules can be found in the /mobs/ directory. These are the features that change mobs in the game. All modules are disabled by default. According to the statistics, more than 50% of the people don't have any module enabled.


Cave Spider Spawn

Allow cave spiders to spawn outside of caves.

Creeper Potential

Energized Creeper Preview

This makes it possible to spawn charged creepers in the wild, without requiring a lightning strike. The occurrence of the charged creeper can be configured. This is a nice feature to have when thunder is disabled.

Dominant Skeleton

Allow (wither) skeletons to mount near spiders.

Ender Rage

Make Enderman protect their valuable assets, such as the end crystals and the dragon. There is also a feature to disable Enderman getting aggressive when they get hit by the dragon.

Energized Dragon

Energized Dragon Preview

We never wanted a lazy dragon in the end. This prevents the dragon from sitting on the portal. Thus making it harder to kill the dragon with beds.

Evil saint

In Vanilla Minecraft only the Ender dragon & the Wither can regenerate. This module allows monsters like zombies & skeletons to slowly regenerate over time, similar to players. This results in them being just a little stronger than usual.

Skeleton Tactics

Skeleton Tactics Preview

Skeleton Tactics makes skeleton more aware of the situation they're in. When the player is in nearby, they will pull out their melee weapon and change strategy.

This can be applied to normal skeletons and wither skeletons. To balance this mechanic, normal skeletons will not switch to their melee weapon when it is day. In this way, skeletons take less risk and are more likely to survive another day. Wither skeletons have a special bow that always shoots fire arrows. To keep their advantage over normal skeletons.

Magical Creepers

This allows creepers to spawn with potion effects.