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I-59 Support for Swedish Market - Part II


Fix functional gaps for the Swedish market.

Must have:

  • Adjustments to support BoB standard (non-booked tickets)
  • Possibility to add ancillary to a booking - patch booking supports
  • Indication of VAT exemption (covered by tripSpecification)

Could have:

  • Split bookings
  • (additional)customer details for non-trip sales?
  • Additional parameters for booking search - e.g. possibility to search bookings by passenger details
  • Ticket validation
  • Additional support for multi-ride/passes (right to check validity or see remaining rides left)
  • Possibility to provide age or DoB, depending on what customer has entered. To ensure fake DoB is not presented on fulfillment


  • Stina Carlstedt (SJ)
  • Sverker Östman (Samtrafiken)

Business Value

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the solution

is a something – the ‘how’

that provides this value

unlike competitor, current solution or non-existing solution

our solution does something better — the ‘why’.

Business Outcomes

The measurable benefits that the business can anticipate if the epic hypothesis is proven to be correct.

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Leading Indicators

The early measures that will help predict the business outcome hypothesis. For more on this topic, see the Innovation Accounting advanced topic article.

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Nonfunctional Requirements

Nonfunctional requirements (NFRs) associated with the epic.

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Specification Effort

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